IUA Capped Price Service Terms & Conditions

IUA Capped Price Service Terms & Conditions


In these terms and conditions:

Additional Maintenance Schedule means service items listed under Additional Maintenance Schedule in the Warranty and Service Booklet.

CPS Price means the advertised capped price for the Scheduled Service as published on the Warranty Start Date for the Eligible Vehicle at www.isuzuute.com.au/owners/service-plus/capped-price-servicing.aspx fixed for the Eligibility Period.

CPS Program means the Isuzu UTE Capped Price Servicing Program as set out in these terms and conditions which is included as part of the Isuzu UTE Service Plus Program.

Eligibility Period means the period of time an Eligible Vehicle is covered by the CPS Program as set out in clause 3 of these terms and conditions.

Eligible Vehicles means all Isuzu UTE Vehicles that are sold by an Isuzu UTE Dealer which have a Warranty Start Date on or after 1st January 2015 and specifically excludes:

Privately imported vehicles; and
"Grey import" vehicles, i.e. vehicles imported outside the Isuzu UTE Dealer channels for the purpose of resale.
Rental & government vehicles.

Isuzu UTE means Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd ABN 80 129 563 739 of 1000 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill, QLD 4170.

Isuzu UTE Dealer means an authorised dealer appointed by Isuzu UTE to sell new and/or demonstrator Isuzu UTE Vehicles in Australia and/or authorised to perform Scheduled Services on such vehicles.

Isuzu UTE Service Plus Program means the Isuzu UTE program that includes 5 year New Vehicle Warranty, 5 year Roadside Assistance and either 3 or 5 year Capped Price Servicing (depending on your vehicle model).

Isuzu UTE Vehicle means an Isuzu UTE D-MAX or MU-X Vehicle imported and distributed in Australia by Isuzu UTE.

Make-up Scheduled Service means the additional service performed by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer when a customer has missed a Scheduled Service within the Scheduled Service Interval to remain eligible for the CPS Program.

Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer means an Isuzu UTE Dealer who has agreed to participate in the CPS Program and agrees to perform Scheduled Services for prices equal to or less than the CPS Prices. Click here to view a list of Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers.

Scheduled Service means the service items listed in the Maintenance Schedule for Normal Operating Conditions in the Warranty and Service Booklet excluding Additional Maintenance Schedule Items (except engine coolant replacement) for all Eligible Vehicles as may be amended from time to time.

Scheduled Service Intervals means prescribed service intervals at a given period of time or distance, whichever occurs first as set out in the Warranty and Service Booklet.

Warranty and Service Booklet means the official Isuzu UTE Warranty and Service Booklet supplied with the Eligible Vehicle at the time of purchase, which includes warranty and maintenance records.

Warranty Start Date means the date of first registration of an Eligible Vehicle or in the case of a demonstrator vehicle the date the Eligible Vehicle was first put into use by an Isuzu UTE Dealer. The Warranty Start Date for the Isuzu UTE Vehicle is recorded on the first page of the Warranty and Service Booklet.


Eligible Vehicles are entitled to receive Scheduled Services from Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers for a price not more than the CPS Price for each Scheduled Service during the Eligibility Period.

To maintain eligibility to the CPS Program, Eligible Vehicles can only be serviced pursuant to the CPS Program at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers at Scheduled Service Intervals during the Eligibility Period.


An Eligible Vehicle is covered by the CPS Program for the Eligibility Period only. The Eligibility Period commences from the Eligible Vehicle's Warranty Start Date and expires when the first of the events described in the table below occurs.

Model Year of Eligible Vehicles Eligibility Period expires when the first of the below events occurs
Months from Warranty Start Date Aggregate distance travelled by the vehicle No. of Scheduled Services performed under the CPS Program No. of consecutive Scheduled Services that have been missed
VEHICLE MODELS EARLIER THAN 16.5MY 36 Months 60,000 km First 6 Scheduled Services 2
16.5MY and 17MY VEHICLE MODELS 60 Months 50,000 km First 5 Scheduled Services 2
18MY AND LATER VEHICLE MODELS 60 Months 75,000 km First 5 Scheduled Services 2


The CPS Program will cover the service items listed in the Scheduled Service including (subject to clause 5 of these terms and conditions and the Warranty and Service Booklet):

a. Labour;
b. Genuine Isuzu UTE parts;
c. Lubricants and fluids; and
d. Sundries which includes, but is not limited to, items such as environment charges and workshop consumables.


Additional maintenance or repairs which are not covered within the Scheduled Service performed under the CPS Program, including (but are not limited to):

  • Service items listed in the Additional Maintenance Schedule (except engine coolant replacement);
  • Maintenance Schedule for Severe-Condition Operations as described in the Warranty and Service Booklet;
  • Any Make-up Scheduled Service;
  • Additional maintenance due to modification from original Isuzu UTE Vehicle specification;
  • Any servicing required as a result of the fitment of non-genuine parts or accessories;
  • Replacement of consumable items requiring additional maintenance due to normal wear and tear, such as (but not limited to) fuses, brake pads, brake shoes, wiper blades, batteries, tyres, wheel alignment, tyre rotation and balance etc;
  • Items or work required as a result of vehicle misuse or abuse or as a result of the vehicle not being driven in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines;
  • Fluids, additives and treatments not specified as a Scheduled Service maintenance requirement;
  • Accident damage to any body, chassis or driveline components;
  • Adjustments not specified in the Scheduled Service;
  • Service, fitment or maintenance of any accessories, including Isuzu UTE genuine accessories; or
  • Additional maintenance or repairs recommended by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer to suit your particular driving conditions.

If any additional maintenance or repairs are required or recommended, the customer will be informed prior to that additional work being undertaken that the additional maintenance or repairs are not covered under the CPS Program and will be advised of any additional costs for performing that additional maintenance or repairs. The customer's consent should be requested and obtained before the Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer undertakes the additional maintenance or repair.


In the CPS Program, Scheduled Services must occur at the set Scheduled Service Intervals. The Scheduled Service Intervals are for a given period of time or distance whichever occurs first. Even if an Eligible Vehicle does not complete the nominated distance between Scheduled Service Intervals, Scheduled Services should still be performed according to the given time period.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the Eligible Vehicle is presented for Scheduled Services at each of the Scheduled Service Intervals. If a customer misses a Scheduled Service, to remain eligible for the CPS Program a Make-up Scheduled Service will be required to be completed by a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer before the next Scheduled Service can begin. Failure to have the additional items of service as carried out via the Make-up Scheduled Service may affect the New Vehicle warranty coverage and participation in the CPS Program.

If two consecutive Scheduled Services are missed the customer will no longer be eligible for the CPS Program. When this is the case, Isuzu UTE encourages the customer to discuss with a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer the servicing options available to them outside of the CPS Program. Failure to have Scheduled Services performed may affect the New Vehicle Warranty coverage.

Note: The CPS Price cannot be claimed for both a specified kilometers service and the corresponding time interval service separately.


Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers will not charge a customer of an Eligible Vehicle more than the CPS Price pursuant to the CPS Program. Additional charges may apply where Make-up Scheduled Service is required or additional maintenance or repairs (as set out in clause 5) are performed on top of the service items within the Scheduled Service.

The CPS Price offered to customers will be fixed from the Warranty Start Date until the end of the Eligibility Period. The applicable CPS Price will be outlined on the Isuzu UTE website at www.isuzuute.com.au/owners/service-plus/capped-price-servicing.aspx. Isuzu UTE may vary the CPS Price from time to time without notice, however changes to these prices will only apply to those Eligible Vehicles with a Warranty Start Date on or after the date of the change to the prices.


Capped Price Servicing can only be carried out at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers.


The CPS Program entitlements remain with the Eligible Vehicle until they expire pursuant to clause 3 of these terms and conditions. If an Eligible Vehicle is sold during the Eligibility Period any remaining benefits of the CPS Program may be accessed by the new owner. CPS Program entitlements cannot be transferred to any other vehicle.

These terms and conditions outline the benefits and services available as part of the Isuzu UTE Capped Price Servicing Program ("CPS Program"). Isuzu UTE may amend the CPS Program and theses terms & conditions at any time without notice and such changes will become effective immediately upon publication to the Isuzu UTE website, unless stated otherwise.


Standard Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) Warranty Policy

Each new Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X manufactured by Isuzu and distributed by IUA is hereby expressly warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. This warranty is applicable to vehicles registered and operated within Australia.

The warranty period for all coverage begins on the date the vehicle is first delivered or put in use. The warranty covers repairs to correct any malfunction occurring during the warranty period resulting from defects in material or workmanship of the vehicle. It is the discretion of IUA to repair or replace any original equipment components found to be defective under normal use and operation in Australia. Full details of the warranty terms and conditions can be found in the Warranty and Service Booklet supplied with every new vehicle.

All benefits to the consumer given by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies under the Act.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.