Isuzu Ute Records Another Stellar Year

  • December 2016 sales total: 2,604 (second strongest month in Isuzu UTE history)
  • 2016 sales total: 23,377 (11% increase on 2015)

  • D-MAX 2016 sales: 16,359 (12% increase on 2015) 9.3% segment share

  • MU-X 2016 sales: 7,018 (11% increase on 2015) 5.9% segment share

  • 94,367 vehicle sales since commencement of business in 2008

Topping its target of 10 per cent growth, Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) finished 2016 with a total of 23,377 vehicle sales - a YTD increase of 2,393 vehicles. To illustrate the rapid growth IUA has experienced, just three years ago in 2013, IUA’s total sales numbered 10,209.

IUA recorded strong finish to 2016, registering a total of 2,604 vehicle sales for the month of December - comprising 1,876 D-MAX utes and 728 units of its seven-seat MU-X SUV. Both the D-MAX and MU-X recorded their highest ever monthly segment share with 12.2 per cent, and 7.5 per cent respectively. The continued sales success of the MU-X allowed it to finish 2016 in sixth place in the SUV-Large segment, eclipsing all competing ute-derivative SUVs as well as the Ford Territory.

A particular highlight for December was the D-MAX outselling the Holden Colorado for the second month running, and placing fourth overall in the 4x4 segment, and third in the 4x2 segment.

December 2016 also nudged the Brisbane-based distributor closer to recording the sale of its 100,000th vehicle since entering the Australian market in late-2008 (94,367 to date – 76,267 D-MAX / 18,100 MU-X).

Isuzu UTE now ranks as Australia's 15th largest automotive brand, surpassing more established brands such as Jeep.

Pursuing a 2016 target of 23,000 vehicle sales, IUA Managing Director & CEO, Yasuhiro (Yasu) Takeuchi said that he is continually surprised by the on-going success of the brand and the double-digit sales growth since the company’s inception.

"Almost every year I begin by hesitantly declaring the big task ahead of our team... and at every year’s end, I am pleased to be able to report on our continued success," Mr Takeuchi said.

"For eight years straight now we have posted significant growth - which is no easy feat when you're competing in the market’s most competitive segments - a testament to the hard work of our dealer network and staff."

"We have some exciting developments planned for both the business and our products - that will enhance our existing customer's experience and also attract new buyers to our brand - so I’m confident we will continue to prosper in 2017," he added.