Isuzu UTE Introduces the I-VENTURE CLUB

In reality how many four-wheel drive vehicles actually leave the bitumen? The figures vary depending on the source … but we don’t believe enough.

So Isuzu UTE Australia has introduced a new initiative to help their owners to get the most out of their Isuzu vehicle in a safe and structured environment under expert tutelage – The I-VENTURE CLUB.

The I-VENTURE CLUB offers Isuzu owners the opportunity to join excursions to some of Australia’s most breathtaking — and challenging — off-road destinations, with the support of qualified 4x4 instructors to teach them the skills and techniques required to handle the toughest cross-country terrain.

 “The I-VENTURE CLUB is a new way to experience four-wheel driving – It’s an exclusive Isuzu owners club that brings together like minded people and encourages them to utilise the adventure that is inherent in all of our vehicles,” said Dave Harding, Isuzu UTE Australia’s Assistant General Manager – Marketing & PR.

“The development of the I-VENTURE CLUB was a result of enquiry we received from our customers who were searching for somewhere safe to learn the ins-and-outs of off-road driving without damaging their vehicles, or embarrassing themselves by getting stuck somewhere at high tide!” he added.

The I-VENTURE CLUB has ‘day-trip’ events planned across all states of Australia this year, with longer overnight and weekend journeys, as well as ‘special interest’ events also in the pipeline.

“The I-VENTURE CLUB will offer different experiences to different customers – from the ‘first time out’ novice to the experienced hardcore off-roader … and via our dedicated website it will become a hub where our owners can get together to share their stories, pick up some professional advice and ultimately use their vehicles for what they were designed for – and that’s adventure,” Harding said.