Customer Satisfaction The Key To Success For Isuzu Ute Australia

The latest research from Roy Morgan has further validated Isuzu UTE Australia’s (IUA) continual drive for excellence in product reliability and after sales service, with recent reports placing IUA 2nd for the first 4 months of the year (January to April). Over the last year, IUA’s score was up 2.4% taking it to 96.4% (to the end of April 2018), above the average industry score for overall satisfaction.

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Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s largest independent research company and one of the most respected in the world, has been measuring Customer Satisfaction for many years and collects customer satisfaction ratings from ongoing Single Source surveys from over 50,000 consumers on a monthly basis. This data is then used to determine the monthly and annual winners of the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards. The winner for the full calendar year is the organisation that achieves the most months with a number one ranking. “We are delighted that our attention to customer satisfaction continues to be recognised,” stated IUA Managing Director, Mr. Hiro Kuramoto. “Customer satisfaction is a defining factor in our ongoing success,” he continued, “which combined with the quality of our product and our after-sales care package defines the positive customer experience that people expect when purchasing a vehicle.” “I believe that if we can continue to respond to customer feedback and deliver on our promises, our brand will continue to grow from strength to strength.” Mr. Kuramoto confirmed. Coming up to IUA’s 10th anniversary of operation in Australia in October this year, the on-going success of the brand is testament to its customer-centric culture, and the drive for double-digit sales growth since the company’s inception is a strong indicator of ongoing customer commitment. In fact, double digit growth for a decade is now a tantalisingly realistic goal for Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) after an extremely strong 1st half of the year. The ambitious goal was set after achieving 9 years of double digit growth since commencement of business in 2008, with IUA successfully finishing 2017 with 25,804 sales and a 10.4% growth year on year. The growth of IUA over 9 short years has been nothing short of remarkable, with sales totalling 10,209 just five years ago in 2013, illustrating just how rapidly the brand has grown in two extremely competitive segments. Currently IUA is the 13th largest sales brand in Australia (ahead of well-established brands such as BMW, Audi, Suzuki and Jeep) with year to date sales growth of 10.6% giving IUA the 2nd highest sales growth among the top 15 brands.

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