Isuzu D-MAX Features from Mackay Isuzu UTE

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Isuzu D-MAX Features from Mackay Isuzu UTE

The Isuzu D-MAX is a stand out performer on or off-road. With the legendary Isuzu 3-litre turbo diesel engine, an impressive 430Nm of torque and an intuitive 6-speed transmission, the D-MAX is all you need for any adventure.



3.5T Tonne Towing+

The D-MAX's powerful diesel engine pulls trailers, boats and caravans up hill and down the highway without breaking a sweat.


Passive Entry Start System

A smart key offers an innovative and simple way to lock and unlock the vehicle. Standard on the top of the range LS-T models.


SatNav & Reversing Camera

Know what's behind you while parking. Touch-screen SatNav system ensures you get to your destination. 


Leather Accented Seats

Experience ultimate driving luxury with leather accented seats, standard on the top of the range LS-T models.

D-Max Performance - Go Wherever, Take Whatever.

D-Max Performance - Go Wherever, Take Whatever.


The Isuzu 3.0L turbo diesel engine delivers a massive 430Nm of torque matched with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.  Using highly-advanced Isuzu common-rail diesel technology this balances the power with superior fuel efficiency. The end result is outstanding performance to tackle any hill, overtake on the freeway and tow what you like without constant visits to the fuel station. 

Exclusive Isuzu Engine

Exclusive Isuzu Engine

3.0L Turbo Diesel

The heart of D-MAX is the famous 3.0L Isuzu turbo diesel engine exclusive to the Isuzu range. The world’s most popular truck engine, in the skin of a ute.

Isuzu are diesel specialists and the D-MAX is the only ute on the Australian market with this 3.0L engine under the bonnet - the same engine platform found in many Isuzu light trucks. 130kW of power and 430Nm of torque means you can rely on this turbo diesel engine to get the toughest jobs done with ease.

Exclusive Isuzu Engine

6-Speed Transmission

Choose from either the 6-speed manual or the 6-speed automatic transmission options. From crawling across a rocky embankment to cruising down the highway, the 6-speed manual gives you total flexibility in all situations.

Want the ute to do the work for you? Choose the 6-speed sequential automatic (which includes Rev-tronic sequential shifting if you do want to take control). Grade Logic technology keeps you in the correct gear when ascending and descending tough terrain.

Exclusive Isuzu Engine

Torque On Demand

Accelerate and the D-MAX responds effortlessly, with the famous Isuzu engine producing 430Nm of torque for fast, smooth acceleration no matter what you're carrying or hauling.

3.5T Pulling Power

3.5T Pulling Power

The D-MAX is built to tow without breaking a sweat. Load up the back with all your gear, hitch up a boat, caravan or trailer - take whatever, wherever. With 3.5 tonne towing+, the truck-based chassis of the D-MAX gives you the ability to tow pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Proven Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines are 20-30% more efficient than petrol engines. The D-MAX is so fuel efficient because our engineers have decades of experience in commercial transport, where every litre counts.

Performance 2

Common Rail Technology

Isuzu’s super-high pressure common rail technology ensures you burn minimal fuel, while enjoying maximum performance from precise control over injection timing and the amount of fuel delivered.

Performance 2


The D-MAX Variable Geometry System (VGS) constantly adjusts to achieve optimum air compression from low revs, which ensures minimal fuel consumption with maximum torque across the rev-range.

Performance 2

Aerodynamic Design

The D-MAX has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing at the same facility as Japanese bullet trains to develop its sleek aerodynamic shape. The design was further enhanced by legendary Italian auto styling house Pinninfarina, to create a body with a record low drag co-efficiency (Cd) figure. Low drag not only improves fuel efficiency, it reduces cabin noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

On & Off-Road

Dirty, dusty off-road adventure is where the D-MAX really shines, with engineering and technology features that'll keep you going across all types of terrain.


4X4 & 4X2

Different drivers have different needs, so the D-MAX lets you choose what drivetrain suits you best - 4x4 or 4x2.


4X4 Terrain Command

Dial in the driving mode you need. On road, choose 2WD. Hitting the dirt or beach, change to 4WD for more traction. At speeds up to 100km/h, change modes without slowing down. If you're off-road in deep sand or mud, turn to 4L for extreme traction and complete control.


Hill Start Assist & Descent Control

Take on any challenge with Hill Start Assist which prevents vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients (above 5.7 degrees). Hill Descent Control gives you the confidence to tackle any downhill terrain by ensuring maximum traction.

Design 2

Steep Angles

The D-MAX has short front and rear overhangs to give you plenty of clearance for steep approach and descent angles.

Design 2

Underbody Protection

The D-MAX 4x4 models have sturdy steel underbody protection, including a steel sump and transfer case guard, for extra protection in punishing off-road conditions.

Design 2

Rugged Suspension

Flex-Ride suspension, specifically developed for the D-MAX, balances firmness for load carrying, with suppleness for driving comfort, without compromising handling.


Choose from a variety of contemporary colours that make the D-MAX look equally good cruising city streets or heading off on an off-road adventure.


  • Projector Headlight with DRLs
  • Fog Lights
  • Side Steps
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Katana Line
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Electronic Fold In Mirrors with LED Indicators
Exterior Design


Inside the D-MAX is a surprisingly spacious interior. Designed for comfort and ease of use, with a quiet cabin, comfortable seats and plenty of rear legroom, the D-MAX has everything at hand right where it should be.



  • Passive Entry & Start System
  • A-Pillar Assist Handles
  • Electroluminescent Display 
  • Climate Control
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Power Windows
  • Rev-Tronic Auto
  • Touchscreen SatNav System



  • Large, Comfortable Seats with Adjustable Head Rests
  • Abundant Storage
  • Quiet Interior
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Rear Centre Lap Sash & Headrest
  • Flip Up Rear Seat with Storage


Safer handling. Better braking. Better passenger protection

With an extensive range of active and passive safety features, D-MAX lives up to our commitment to get you home safely every day. 4x4 Crew Cab and 4x2 Crew Cab High Ride models achieve a maximum 5-star safety rating so you can have complete peace of mind.

Safety 1

Passive Safety Features

While the D-MAX does everything it can to avoid driving incidents, there's a range of built-in passive safety features just in case.

  • 6 Airbags
  • Safety cabin shell
  • Pedestrian safety bonnet 
  • Impact absorbing chassis 
Safety 1

Active Safety Features

The D-MAX is packed with built-in active safety features that keep you and your passengers safe by helping avoiding accidents.

  • Reversing Camera
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Hill Start Assist


Built with all the values that have made Isuzu famous.

D-MAX is robust, reliable, dependable—but also refined. It has the spirit of a truck, wrapped in the skin of a ute.

People rely on you, and you can rely on your D-MAX. The D-MAX is full of engineering details that only a truck manufacturer would think of, but each one makes this ute truck tough. Some that are easy to see when you pop the bonnet are; the Steel Timing Chain, Ladder Chassis, Split Camshafts and the Heavy-duty Isuzu engine.

We didn’t just build this ute; we’ve tested it over and over again. 4,000,000km of testing in the hardest conditions: searing heat, torrential rain—even snow. That’s the equivalent of 100 times around the earth to prove that the D-MAX is built to last.


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