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From cutting-edge technology to the power you need, the Isuzu D-MAX is more capable than ever before. Designed to handle the harshest of Australian conditions, it has everything you require to own your next adventure in style, comfort and safety with a 5-Star ANCAP rating. Whether on or off-road, at work or at play, the D-MAX defines durability – today, and every day after.

3.0L Turbo Diesel

140KW Power

450NM Torque

3.5T Towing+

Explore the D-MAX


3.5T+ Towing

3.5T+ Towing

The D-MAX’s powerful 3.0L turbo-diesel engine pulls trailers, boats and caravans up hill and down the highway without breaking a sweat.

Cutting Edge Safety

Cutting Edge Safety

Standard across the range, Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS) includes an extensive list of both active and passive systems.

 Leather Accented Interior

Leather Accented§ Interior

The D‑MAX interior was designed for comfort and convenience. Both LS-U+ & X-TERRAIN models feature a luxurious leather accented§ interior as well as variable heated front seats.

Apple CarPlay® / Android Auto™

Apple CarPlay® / Android Auto™

Connect your smartphone to your vehicle via Android Auto™ or wireless Apple CarPlay® which will allow you to play music, navigate, answer phone calls and text messages.



Command attention at every turn

The Isuzu D-MAX combines signature toughness with sleek, modern urban charisma. Whether you’re on a worksite, navigating the city or ruling off-road, it’s bigger, bolder and even more decisive.



The D-MAX takes design to the next level with an array of design features that help you stand out from the crowd - all while offering functional & convenient solutions to help make your life easier.


Front Underbody Spoiler

Provides style and protection on the front underbody of the vehicle from stone chips and road debris. (Standard on X-TERRAIN models)

LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights spread light wider in difficult weather conditions, making sure you don’t lose sight of the path. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN)

Dark Grey Fender Flares

Fender flares give the D-MAX a tough look with a wider more aggressive stance. (Standard on X-TERRAIN)

18" Alloy Wheels

Standard on the LS-U range and the X-TERRAIN, 18” alloys feature a distinctive and sporty look.

Electronic Fold In Mirrors

Smart protection from accidental bumps in car parks or on bush tracks, with the large design providing plenty of side vision. (Standard on LS-U models & X-TERRAIN)

Roof Rails

These Roof Rails give the D-MAX a sportier appearance and help carry additional loads when fitted with optional Roof Rail Cross Bars. (Standard on X-TERRAIN)

Side Steps

Designed to not only enhance the tough exterior look, they make getting in and out much easier. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN)

Aero Sports Bar

This stylish sports bar adds to the D-MAX's aerodynamic look. (Standard on X-TERRAIN)

Roller Tonneau

Provide security to your cargo with this lockable and retractable aluminium tonneau cover. (Standard on X-TERRAIN)

Tow Bar Receiver

The LS-U range & X-TERRAIN comes standard with a factory-fitted tow bar receiver.

LED Tail Lights

LED tail and brake lights are as safe and practical as they are stylish. Brighter, easier to see, they illuminate faster and use less energy. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN)

Rear Underbody Spoiler

Protects the back underbody of the vehicle from stone chips and road debris. (Standard on X-TERRAIN)


Inside the D-MAX is a surprisingly spacious interior. Designed for comfort and ease of use, with a quiet cabin, comfortable seats and plenty of rear legroom, the D-MAX has everything at hand, right where it should be.

Interior Features


Apple CarPlay® / Android Auto™ 

Android Auto™ & wireless Apple CarPlay® with DAB+ digital radio and voice recognition is standard across the D-MAX range.

Dual Zone Climate Control

Dual zone climate control air-conditioning provides both driver and passenger can select their own temperature preference. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN)

Rear Differential Lock

Standard on all 4x4 models, the rear differential lock can be engaged with the push of a button when in 4WD-low.

Terrain Command

Switch quickly and easily between the driving modes, with your selection engaging almost instantly. (Standard on 4x4 models)

Push Button Start

A smart key offers an innovative and simple way to lock and unlock the vehicle. There's no need to take the key out of your bag or pocket to start and stop the vehicle. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN)

Smart MID

A digital smart Multi-Information Display (MID) is standard across the range providing information on a variety of vehicle features.

Steering Wheel Controls

This luxurious steering wheel puts everything at your fingertips. Not only Adaptive Cruise Control, but audio controls as well, so all you need to do is concentrate on the road ahead.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts your speed based on vehicles around you, including Stop and Go functionality when cruise control is activated. (Automatic Transmission only)

Interior Features


Isofix Anchor Points

Two rear seats include ISOFIX anchor points for use with compatible child safety seats. (Standard in all D-MAX Crew Cab models)

A-Pillar Assist Handles

A-pillar assist handles makes vehicle access easier and doubles as a brace to hold onto when the terrain gets rough.

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering with speed-sensing steering feel (light at low speed, heavy at high speed).

Heated Leather Seats§

LS-U+ & X-TERRAIN models boast luxury leather accented heated front seats§ for ultimate riding comfort. The X-TERRAIN also features red contrast stitching making a sporty statement.

Tilt & Telescopic Steering Wheel

All models feature a height and reach-adjustable steering wheel for improved comfort and control.

Electric Driver Seat

An eight-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat also offers customisable powered lumbar support. (Standard on LS-U+ & X-TERRAIN. Powered lumbar support is also standard on LS-U)

Second Row Seat 60/40 Split

Clever split/fold rear seats in the second row give you plenty of seating options and huge amounts of storage space.


The Isuzu 3.0L turbo diesel engine delivers a massive 140kW of power and 450Nm of torque, matched with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Using highly-advanced Isuzu common-rail diesel technology this balances the power with superior fuel efficiency. The end result is outstanding performance to tackle any hill, overtake on the freeway and tow what you like without constant visits to the fuel station.

3.0L Turbo Diesel

3.0L Turbo Diesel

The highly refined Isuzu 4JJ3-TCX 3.0L turbo-diesel common rail engine which offers superior fuel efficiency thanks to low friction, fuel injection optimisation and a large front-mounted intercooler.

This advanced Euro 5-compliant unit generates 140kW of power and a peak torque output of 450Nm from a low 1,600 to 2,600rpm. The high levels of torque from a low rpm provide strong take-off and acceleration and aid drivability with consistent torque output through the majority of the rev-range.


1.9L Turbo-Diesel

1.9L Turbo-Diesel

The Isuzu RZ4E-TC 1.9L turbo-diesel engine option introduced to the 4x2 Single Cab Chassis range provides supreme fuel efficiency and refined operation. Generating 110kW of power and 350Nm of torque, this new engine is the ideal match to the entry level D-MAX 4x2 Single Cab Chassis models. With 2.8T+ (manual) and 3.0T+ (auto) braked towing capacity, it offers a flexible and economical option that’s ideal for fleet, tradies and small business operators.

6-Speed Transmission

6-Speed Transmission

The ‘Rev-Tronic’ 6-speed automatic gearbox with sequential sports mode automatically selects the most appropriate shift and lock-up points according to the driver’s behaviour, vehicle load and road speed.

The 6-speed manual transmissions benefit from a new dual mass flywheel, which absorbs vibrations and torque pulses from the engine for smoother and more efficient driveability and transmission longevity.

Performance Features

3.0L Torque on Demand

The advanced 3.0 litre turbo-diesel engine produces 140kW and an avalanche of torque on demand, with 450Nm available from just 1,600 through to 2,600rpm. This provides exceptional take-off and acceleration with a broad, flat torque band aiding overall drive-ability - also perfect for when carrying a load, or towing up to 3.5T+.

Off-Road Ready

Dirty, dusty off-road adventure is where the D-MAX really shines, with engineering and technology features that'll keep you going across all types of terrain.

Off-Road Features

Rear Differential Lock

To get you out of the toughest spots, our 4x4 models come standard with a rear differential lock. If you’re on a slippery, uneven surface with the rear wheels spinning, the rear differential lock assists the low-ratio 4WD-low mode to give you the extra traction and control needed to keep moving.

Off-Road Features

800mm Wading Depth

Wherever you’re planning to go, your 4x4 D-MAX is up for the task. With generous steel underbody protection, and a wading depth of up to 800mm, the D-MAX is your most reliable way to escape the everyday.

Off-Road Features

4x4 Terrain Command

Engineered for Australian conditions, every 4x4 D-MAX features ‘Terrain Command’ as standard, allowing you to switch between 2WD-high and 4WD-high modes at speeds of up to 100km/h. When the going gets tough, selecting 4WD-low will provide increased traction and complete control.

Off-Road Features

Hill Start Assist & Descent Control

Take on any challenge with Hill Start Assist which prevents vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients (above 5.7 degrees). Hill Descent Control gives you the confidence to tackle any downhill terrain by ensuring maximum traction.

Off-Road Features

Underbody Protection

The D-MAX 4x4 models have sturdy steel underbody protection, including a steel sump and transfer case guard, for extra protection in punishing off-road conditions.

Proven Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines are 20-30% more efficient than petrol engines. The D-MAX is so fuel efficient because our engineers have decades of experience in commercial transport, where every litre counts.

Fuel Efficiency Features

Advanced Fuel Injectors

High pressure Common Rail fuel injection gives the most power while minimising the fuel required in the combustion process, and boosting economy.

Fuel Efficiency Features


The D-MAX Variable Geometry System (VGS) constantly adjusts to achieve optimum air compression from low revs, which ensures minimal fuel consumption with maximum torque across the rev-range.

Fuel Efficiency Features

Aerodynamic Design

The D-MAX has undergone vigorous testing to ensure a low drag co-efficiency (Cd) figure and the most aerodynamic body design yet. Low drag not only improves fuel efficiency, it reduces cabin noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride.


The Isuzu D-MAX features an array of advanced technology – all tailored to make your life easier. The D-MAX delivers all the technological convenience & functionality you’ve come to expect – and much more.

Technology Features

9" Audio Display w/ Sat Nav on LS-U and X-TERRAIN models

At the heart of the interior is a new 9” wide infotainment system, boasting a high-definition touch-screen, Android Auto™ & wireless Apple CarPlay® and 8 speaker audio system. Satellite-Navigation instructions are conveniently displayed on both the 9” infotainment screen and the Driver’s 4.2” MID, allowing for safer and more convenient operation.

Technology Features

7" Audio Display on LS-M & SX models

The 7” wide infotainment system boasts clear crisp graphics and smartphone mirroring (standard across all models), with Android Auto™ & wireless Apple CarPlay®.

Technology Features

DAB + RADIO on all models

Get brilliant sound quality, frequency, range and variety of station choices with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) radio. 

Technology Features

Voice Recognition on all models

Call a friend, ask for directions or switch to a new radio station with voice commands – all while you keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Driver Assistance

Every Isuzu D-MAX includes a network of features that operate automatically and independently, working tirelessly so you can concentrate on the road.

Driver Assistance Features

Intelligent Driver Assist System (IDAS)

Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System◊ (IDAS) technology which encapsulates driver assistance systems as well as passive and active safety systems, is standard across every D-MAX model. Using state-of-the-art sensors and multiple cameras, the D-MAX constantly monitors your surrounding environment.

Driver Assistance Features

Adaptive Cruise Control

When activated, the Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts your speed based on vehicles around you, including Stop & Go functionality. Available on automatic transmission models only.

Driver Assistance Features

Headlights: Bi-led with auto levelling & DRLs

Automatic Bi-LEDs illuminate farther and wider, turning on independently when the D-MAX senses low-light conditions. They also feature Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) for extra visibility on the road during the day. Standard on LS and X-TERRAIN models.

Driver Assistance Features

Auto Headlights

Headlights automatically turn on when it is dark, such as at dusk or in underground car parks. During highway travel, the D-MAX dims the high beams automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Driver Assistance Features

Wiper blade reverse function

The D-MAX blades feature an aerodynamic blade design, to decrease drag when not in use and a new reversing motor that periodically flexes the wiper blade to prevent unwanted debris build-up and material fatigue, effectively extending the wiper blade life by two-fold. (Standard on LS-U & X-TERRAIN models)

Driver Assistance Features

Rain Sensing Automatic Wipers

Standard across the range, the Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers automatically wipes the windshield when needed and varies the frequency of the wipe depending on the amount of rain detected.

Driver Assistance Features

UV Glass

Be protected against the sun's damaging UV rays as well as heat-build up with UV protection glass on the front and rear screens.


The Isuzu D-MAX delivers all the technological convenience and functionality you’ve come to expect, plus lots more.

Convenience Features

Remote Engine Start

Start your vehicle with a press of the remote button. The air-conditioning can be activated prior to entry to cool the cabin on a hot day. (Standard on X-TERRAIN ).

Convenience Features

Push Button Start

The start/stop button offers convenient keyless engine start & stop. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN).

Convenience Features

Walk away door lock

When leaving your vehicle, the D-MAX will secure itself automatically once you’re three metres away. (Standard on LS-U range & X-TERRAIN).

Convenience Features

Coming home lights

The headlights stay on when you lock your vehicle, to help light up your path to your door at night.


Every Isuzu D-MAX includes a network of safety features that operate automatically and independently, working tirelessly to protect you. Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System (IDAS) technology which encapsulates passive and active safety systems, is standard across every D-MAX model. Using state-of-the-art sensors and multiple cameras, the D-MAX constantly monitors your surrounding environment.

Safety Features

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

If your D-MAX detects a potential collision, emergency braking is applied automatically.

Safety Features

Forward Collision Warning

An audible warning sounds and red warning lights flash on the dashboard when an obstacle is detected in your path.

Safety Features

Post-Collision Braking

In the event of an accident where the airbags are activated, Post-Collision Braking automatically uses the brakes to help bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Safety Features

Turn Assist With AEB

If your D-MAX detects a potential collision during a turn, emergency braking is applied automatically.

Safety Features

Misacceleration Mitigation

In slow moving areas such as car parks, the stereo cameras determine whether the accelerator has been applied accidentally. Should a potential collision be detected, the brakes are automatically applied. (Automatic Transmission only).

Safety Features

Driver Attention Assist

Driver Attention Assist has been designed to identify signs of fatigue or inaccurate driving behaviour.

Safety Features

Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

Will apply brakes to individual vehicle wheels to help bring the trailer safely back under control.

Safety Features

Rain Sensing Automatic Wipers

Standard across the range, the Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers automatically wipes the windshield when needed and varies the frequency of the wipe depending on the amount of rain detected.

Safety Features

Automatic Headlights & High Beams

Headlights automatically turn on when it is dark, such as at dusk or in underground car parks. During travel, the D-MAX dims the high beams automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Safety Features

Bi-LED Headlights & DRLs

Automatic Bi-LEDs illuminate farther and wider, turning on independently when the D-MAX senses low-light conditions. They also feature Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) for extra visibility on the road during the day. (Standard on LS and X-TERRAIN models.)


The D-MAX is built to work. Whether you’re on the land, on a building site or anywhere in between D-MAX is designed to provide you with total confidence.

Reliability Features

Steel Timing Chain

Fancy replacing your timing belt? Probably not – so the D-MAX doesn’t have one. Instead it uses a heavy duty steel timing chain to last the life of the engine. The double scissors design also offers increased durability and reduced noise.

Reliability Features

Split Camshafts

This unique Isuzu engine design detail eliminates backlash on deceleration, reducing engine wear.

Reliability Features

Double Scissor Gears

A double scissor idler gear design results in reduced engine and gear noise for quieter and smoother operation.

Reliability Features

Heavy-Duty Isuzu Engine

Isuzu turbo diesel engines are built to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than other engines. The powerful and efficient 3.0L 4JJ3-TCX engine in the D-MAX is tough by nature, hard wearing and delivers legendary Isuzu reliability.

Reliability Features

Ladder Chassis

The D-MAX’s superior ladder chassis is 20% stronger and wider than its predecessor thanks to larger chassis side rails and an added cross member.

Reliability Features


The D-MAX body is reinforced with ultra high tensile steel for added safety and peace of mind.

Reliability Features

Front Suspension

Higher mounted control arms minimise body roll when cornering and improve tyre grounding.

Reliability Features

Rear Leaf Suspension

A lighter, but stronger leaf designed for Australian conditions creates a smoother ride.

  • Disclaimers

    § Seats have leather touches or accents, but are not wholly leather.

    + 3.5-tonne braked towing capacity on all 3-litre engine D-MAX models, 3.0-tonne braked towing capacity on 1.9-litre engine automatic transmission models and 2.8-tonne braked towing capacity on 1.9-litre engine manual transmission models when fitted with an optional genuine Isuzu D-MAX tow bar kit or tow tongue kit.

    ∞ Up to 800mm of wading depth on all D-MAX models when travelling at a consistent speed of 7km/h. Water ingress may occur if speed is not maintained or if the vehicle is static in water above 350mm.

    ◊ IDAS features are designed to assist the driver, but should not be relied upon nor used as a substitute for safe driving practices. Feature operation may vary in different driving conditions. For full explanation of limitations, see Owner’s & Driver's Manual. 

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